customer perspective mapping

See how your customers experience your restaurant online.

We map out your website, the actions that you intend your customers to take, and your overall web presence — from the collective customer perspective and experience.

Restaurant Web Perspective Map logp

How this works

The Five Steps

  1. Chat with us. Here we can learn a little about your company/product and be sure we are a good fit to deliver you value with our work. (this meeting usually lasts about 30 minutes)

  2. Choose a plan. You can choose between a one-time Deep Dive 🐳 or a subscription-based Longitudal 🌊 pricing plan and service option. (do not skip Step 1, talk to us before you choose a plan)

  3. Wait, watch, and engage. As we build your Customer Perspective Map, you will have a live link to the Miro canvas where your map is being built. You can watch our progress in real-time, make comments, ask questions, answer questions, and make requests. (generally takes us 2-3 days to complete our work)

  4. Meet with us. Have a focused, value-packed virtual chat with us right inside of your new Customer Perspective Map, using online meeting feature from Miro. Here we will present, discuss, and clarify our observations and any actionable recommendations. With the magic of Miro, you can engage directly on the board: comments, sticky notes, draw, paste links, drag in images & video. (meeting usually takes 45 minutes)

  5. (optional) Tip us or Get a refund. What?! Yes. If you do not think the initial price we charged you meets the value we delivered, we will refund any amount you request: partial or full refund. No argument. No conflict. You still get the map we created, it is yours. Now, on the other hand, if we exceed the value and you think we deserve a bit more for our work than we initially charged, you can tip us. Optional and not expected, but always appreciated as we learn our own value.

That is it. Those are all the steps
Well, unless you choose or switch to the Longitudinal Plan 🌊. In this case, the next step will be to talk to you about the next iteration of your Customer Perspective Map. Basically do the five steps each month, until all value is realized and you pause or cancel your subscription.

Pricing Plans

Deep Dive 🐳

  • business web presence mapped

  • intended user actions mapped

  • observations and recommendations


One Time Payment

Longitudinal 🌊

  • business web presence mapped

  • intended user actions mapped

  • observations and recommendations

  • 🔁 provide above services on a monthly basis: proactively and request-driven


Monthly Subscription (no-contract)

Value Is Guaranteed 💎
If you do not find our work valuable upon delivery, we will refund all or any amount you request. You still keep the work we have done.

Thank you!

Thank you for your payment. Now schedule a time to talk about the findings of the map we create.